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  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Compatible With All Conservatory Types
  • Reduces Condensation
  • Cooler In Summer, Warmer In Winter

Do you own a conservatory? If you do then you understand that it is more than just an added extension to your home. It gives you a tranquil space where you can unwind with a cup of tea while watching the rainfall, the wildlife in your garden or reading your current book with the gentle touch of sunlight. However, over the past 25 years, approximately 95% of all conservatories were built with a polycarbonate roof and like other conservatory owners you have probably found that your polycarbonate or glass roof makes your conservatory not as appealing for most of the year as itis either too hot in summer or too cold in winter. There is also other issues like condensation, mould formation, excessive glare, and the detrimental effect on your furniture.

During winter, your conservatory roof allows much of the warmth produced by your heating to dissipate. As heat naturally rises, an uninsulated conservatory roof lets it escape easily. This not only cools down the conservatory itself but also affects the neighbouring rooms, making them feel colder. As a result, you may also notice a spike in your energy bills.

In the summer, the roof of your conservatory can act similar to a magnifying glass, amplifying the sun’s rays. This concentrates the light and heat, circulating it within the room and retaining the warmth, leading to a greenhouse effect. This not only elevates the room’s temperature but also results in an unpleasant brightness and can cause your conservatory’s furniture and decor to fade.

Why is Insulating the Conservatory Roof Important?

Imagine a conservatory that remains cozy throughout the year. With conservatory roof insulation, that’s achievable. It not only shields the room from the sun’s intense glare during summer, keeping it cool, but also preserves warmth in the winter, preventing up to 90% of heat loss.

What Advantages Does Conservatory Roof Insulation Offer?

Reduced Energy Bills

A primary advantage of conservatory roof insulation is the decrease in energy usage, which translates to reduced heating expenses. Insulating your conservatory’s roof helps keep the warmth within, reducing the need for additional heating. Consequently, you’ll see a noticeable reduction in your energy bills. Given the escalating energy prices, investing in an insulated conservatory roof is a smart choice for long-term savings.

Improved Heat Retention

One of the main benefits of conservatory roof insulation is its ability to cut down on energy consumption, leading to lower heating costs. By insulating the roof of your conservatory, you ensure that warmth is retained, minimizing the dependence on extra heating. This results in a marked decrease in your energy expenditures. Considering the upward trend in energy costs, opting for an insulated conservatory roof makes sound financial sense for lasting savings.

Consistent Temperature Control

With insulation, your conservatory seamlessly adjusts to the desired temperature by retaining warmth during chilly months and deflecting it in the hotter seasons. This ensures that your conservatory remains comfortable all year round. Whether it’s a workspace, a dining spot, or just a zone to unwind, the insulation promises an agreeable ambiance for all your daily pursuits.

Reducing Temperature Fluctuations

A significant hurdle with conservatories is managing fluctuating temperatures. In the absence of insulation, the conservatory might get excessively warm in summer and cold in winter. But, by insulating the conservatory roof, you can reduce these temperature swings, ensuring a consistent and cozy atmosphere. Transition from dealing with extreme temperature shifts to relishing a space suitable for every season.

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conservatory roof insulation Southampton
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conservatory roof installation Southampton

Reduction In External Noise

If you reside close to a bustling street or in a loud neighborhood, insulating your conservatory roof can be a respite from the outside disturbances. The insulation serves as a sound barrier, lessening the noise that penetrates your conservatory. This allows for a peaceful experience within, even amidst external turmoil. Whether you’re engrossed in a book, chatting, or seeking a quiet moment, the insulation fosters a calm environment.

Improved Internal Sound Quality

Beyond dampening outside disturbances, conservatory roof insulation also refines the room’s acoustic properties. This leads to minimized sound reflections or echoes, fostering a superior auditory environment. Be it playing music, viewing a film, or entertaining guests, the insulation guarantees crisp and engulfing sound. Gone are the days of straining to hear discussions or amplifying the volume to overcome external disruptions – the insulation elevates your sonic experience.

Keeping It Dry

Condensation can make conservatories wet, which isn’t good in the long run. But, if you add insulation to the conservatory roof, it can help stop this wetness. The insulation acts like a shield, helping to keep the inside and outside temperatures closer together. This means less chance of getting wet spots. With insulation, your conservatory can stay dry and comfy.

Keeping Mold At Bay

Condensation can make things wet, and wet areas can grow mould. Mould isn’t good for your health and can hurt your conservatory’s walls and furniture. If you put insulation on the conservatory roof, it can help stop mould from growing. The insulation keeps the room’s temperature and wetness just right so mould has a hard time growing. This means you won’t have to clean mould often and your conservatory stays healthier and cleaner.

Installation Is Simple And Fast

Putting in conservatory roof insulation is fast and easy. Experts who know what they’re doing handle the job quickly. They make sure not to bother you too much, so you can go on with your day. Because it’s set up so smoothly, you’ll soon enjoy what the insulation offers.

Little To No Inconvenience To You And Your Family

Installing conservatory roof insulation is both quick and straightforward. Skilled professionals take care of the installation efficiently, ensuring you’re not disturbed. You can carry on with your everyday activities unhindered. Thanks to this hassle-free setup, you’ll be able to experience the advantages of insulation in no time.

Installation Meets All Building Regulations

Any changes or updates to your home should follow the local building regulations. With conservatory roof insulation, you’re on the right track. Our teams know these rules well and make sure everything they do meets top standards. By sticking to these rules, you can feel confident that your conservatory is not only safe and sturdy but also meets all legal guidelines.

Meeting Regulation Heat Control Standards

Building regulations also have certain heat control standards that need to be followed. By adding conservatory roof insulation, you’re making sure your conservatory fits these rules. The extra insulation boosts your conservatory’s energy-saving abilities and coziness. This means your conservatory will be both warm and in line with all important rules.

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Insulation Installation Guide

Pre Installation Assessment

The beginning of putting in conservatory roof insulation is the pre installation assessment. One of our team will comes and inspect the current condition of you conservatory roof and to discuss with you what you want. They’ll see what kind of conservatory you have, how big it is, and anything else that they might have to consider when adding the insulation.

Measuring Up And Planning

After the first check, the installer will then carefully measure your conservatory roof. They need these sizes to know the right amount of insulation to use and how to fix it in place. They’ll also think about any special things or challenges they noticed at the start.

Installation Preparation

Before they begin, the team will clean the area and make sure it’s set for the job. They might need to take away the old roofing as well as any other debris, and then they’ll fix anything that’s broken and make the required modifications to make sure when they add the insulation it is secure.

Installing Your Insulation

Now comes the big step: putting in your insulation. How they do it might change based on the insulation type, spray foam insulation will be sprayed onto the surface of the roof, the polystyrene boards will be attached to your conservatory roof with special glue or clips. Our installers will adhere to the manufacturers guidelines ensuring that the insulation is installed correctly.

Post Installation Quality Check

Once they’re done putting in the insulation, the lead installer will make a final inspection to make sure everything’s just right. They’ll see if the insulation looks even, if it’s stuck well, and if all the parts, like the vapour barriers and reflective foil, have been placed properly. If they find any issues then they will have them fixed immediately to make sure that your insulation will work as it should straight away.

Conservatory Roof Insulation Services FAQs

Does conservatory roof insulation really work?

Insulating your conservatory roof is one of the most effective ways to increase the energy efficiency of your conservatory, keeping it warm through the winter months and preventing over-heating during the summer. This can help to reduce your energy bills, as well as your carbon footprint.

What is the cheapest way to insulate a conservatory roof?

If you want a budget-friendly way to insulate your conservatory, you could install thermal blinds and roof drapings. This is a good DIY option that doesn't require hiring anyone. Whilst blinds are a good way to keep the heat out in summer, they are less effective at keeping heat in during winter.

How thick should insulation be in a conservatory roof?

Roof insulation panels offer a direct replacement for a typical glass and polycarbonate conservatory roof structure. Plus, they reduce heat loss through a roof and are generally 24-32mm thick.

Can you put insulation under polycarbonate roof?

It is possible to fit insulation and plasterboard inside an existing polycarbonate or glass roof, however there are various risks involved. You may find that condensation builds up on the underside of the glazing during the winter. This can drip onto the insulation, damaging your plasterboard ceiling.

Will insulating conservatory roof stop condensation?

With an insulated conservatory roof, you're able to prevent overheating in the summer and retain heat during the winter, so you get the best of both worlds. Furthermore, you can reduce common condensation issue since the inside of the windows will have a higher temperature.

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